As an incorporated village, the Village of Pugwash is legally permitted to raise taxes to pay for services provided.  Strict rules apply as to what a village commission can do for services and how its finances are reported.  All financials are audited by auditors registered with the NS Department of Municipal Affairs and their report is presented at the village Annual General Meeting in May.

The Commission and Clerk continually work together to produce the budget for the next fiscal year.  They have to keep in mind not just the general cost of maintaining the services villagers have come to expect, but to plan for the future.  Properties need maintenance, which sometimes can be expensive.  Larger projects have to be planned, such as the village's participation in a multi-purpose centre and library and the community contribution towards a new Collaborative Emergency Centre to replace the existing North Cumberland Memorial Hospital.

The financial year starts April 1st.

Financial Statement 2023

Budget 2024

Village Taxes - 2023

Village residential taxes are 35c for every $100 of appraised value of a property.
Village commercial taxes are 42c for every $100 of appraised value of a business.

Additional taxes - Municipality of the County of Cumberland - 2022
Property taxes

Residential taxes are $1.17 and commercial tax is 2.76 for every $100 of appraised value of a property

Sewer tax
This applies to all properties that are next to the Pugwash sewer system, whether a property is connected to the sewer or not. The base rate is $439/year (2021).  The rate changes with the designated use of the property.

Street lights
Street lights adjacent to the property are taxed.  $41.00 per property.

Water supply
Base rate is $93.22 quarterly plus $1.14 per cubic metre usage fee.

Fire rate
This is included within the property tax at 10c/ $100 appraised value.

Weather in Pugwash