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Pugwash and Area

Pugwash is representative of all that is good along the northern shores of Nova Scotia.  The friendly people, a safe, deep harbour, sandy beaches and the "warmest waters north of the Carolinas" in the summer.  The Village of Pugwash is, geographically, quite large.  Year round population is 746 (2021 Statistics Canada).  Wikipedia.

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Pugwash and area is not just a summer retreat for many cottagers and visitors, it has attractions all year round with excellent hiking, snowmobile and ATV trails, serene wild life habitat reserves nearby, hunting in the fall and birdwatching in the spring.  Long, deep, cool rivers are perfect habitats for salmon.  The surrounding areas remain wooded, making excellent habitat for the many birds of prey such as bald eagles and osprey. Ski Wentworth is a 20 minute drive away.

The original Mi'kmaq name for Pugwash was Pagweak, which means "shallow water".  Pugwash has a deep harbour, but the channel winds deceptively through shallow waters.  It is believed that Pagweak particularly refers to the shallow waters at a reef at the harbour mouth.

What is unique about Pugwash?

In 1957, Pugwash was the site of the first organized discussions on nuclear disarmament.  These talks were held at what is now known as Thinkers Lodge which is near the end of Water Street.  The building is a registered national historic site.  It has been painstakingly restored and is open to the public.  For more information, go to the Thinkers Lodge page on this website or for even more information, go to its own website.

The first monument in Canada dedicated to a Canadian born female is in Pugwash. In 1869 Mary Crowley, 12 years old, saved her brother and sister from a house fire, succumbing to her injuries shortly afterwards.

The only salt mine in Nova Scotia is in Pugwash.

The salt mine in Pugwash is the only underground mine in Nova Scotia.

Pugwash was the first community in North America to have bilingual street signs in English and Gaelic.  These were first erected in 1951 when the first Gathering of the Clans was held in Pugwash.

Community Spirit
There are over 60 volunteer organizations in Pugwash and area covering a broad range of interests.   The Village of Pugwash collaborates with many of these groups.

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