Special meeting of the

Electors of the Village of Pugwash


Pugwash Village Hall

124 Water Street


Monday, October 7th



Resolution to borrow funds


 According to the Municipal Governmnet Act, in order for any Municipality or Village to borrow any funds, a resolution to that effect must be passed by the electorate.


Whereas:  construction of the Pugwash Harbourfront Centre incurred 8.5% cost overrun

Whereas:  further funding is delayed

Whereas: the Village’s full payment to APM Construction is thus delayed

Therefore: To avoid interest costs and to ensure subcontractors are paid by the contractors, the Village requires a short term loan of $95,000



Eaton Park Boardwalk

The public is asked to keep away from the park boardwalk and shoreline as we make arrangements to make repairs to the damage done during post tropical storm Dorian. 

Please obey signs and barricades erected for your information and safety.
















website maintenance

The Village website is in the process of being re-built.  Pugwash and area not for profit organizations will be included as before.  If you wish to be included as a new listing or update your old one, please send your information to the Village Clerk.

Next Regular Village Commission Meeting

Monday, October 21st at 7pm.

Meetings are generally the second Monday of the month. 

Any meeting that falls on a holiday will be postponed to the next (third) Monday of the month. There is no meeting in July.  Proposed agenda is published the Friday before a meeting. The agenda may be amended by the commisison at the beginning of the regular meeting.

For more information on meetings, please go to this page    

Village Hall/Library hours - Summer

Clerk Treasurer's Office
Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm
Phone: 902.243.2946

Visitor Information Centre
Monday to Thursday and Saturday
10am to 5pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm
Phone: 902.243 2088

Tuesday  Noon to 5pm
Wednesday  2-7pm
Thursday  2-7pm
Friday  noon-5pm
Saturday  9am to 2pm
Phone: 902.243 3331




Two of the Village security cameras are available for public access. 

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