Gaelic in Pugwash

Immigration into north Cumberland County has come in from many directions over the past 400 years.  The Mi'kmaq were displaced by settlers from Europe and later from America as Empire Loyalists moved into British Canada in the late eighteenth century.

A significant number of families came to the area from Scotland, particularly during the Highland clearances (1750s to the 1850s).  Many arrived in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) with not much more than their heritage, language and culture.  Today, most of the Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia are in Cape Breton and Antigonish and Pictou counties.

When the Gathering of the Clans moved to Pugwash in 1951, part of the preparations of this Scottish festival was the changes in the existing street names of the Village. Pugwash became the first community in North America to have bilingual English/Gaelic signs and they have been maintained in both languages ever since.

Click on the buttons or phtotos to hear how each street name sounds in Gaelic.  Look in the section below for how other places, common words or phrases are pronounced.


Black Street       Sràid Mhic 'Ille Dhuibh   blue button



Brickyard Road         Rathad Gàradh Na Breice     red button




Church Street      Sràid Na H-Eaglais      Church Street




Crowley Road        Rathad Crowley      red button




Durham Street      red button



Gulf Shore Road      Rathad Cladach A Chamuis     blue button



Harbour View Lane       Slighe Sealladh na h-Acarsaide      red button


Howe Street             Sràid Howe        blue button                                             


Irishtown Road      Rathad Baile na h-Eireannach         red button



King Street        Sràid An Rìgh  blue button



Miller Road           Rathad A' Mhuileir       red button



Murray Road            Rathad Mhoirich   blue button



Prince Albert Street    Sràid A' Phrionns' Ailbeirt        red button 



Queen Street      Sràid Na Ban-Rìghinn    blue button




Russel Street     Sràid An Ruadhain     red button




Shea Island Road          Rathad Eilean Séaghdha   blue button



Victoria Street       Sràid Bhioctoria         red button



Walton Street               Sràid Ualton  blue button



Water Street          Sràid An Uisge          Water Street

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