Bylaws and Policies


Bylaws define the governing and operational rules of the Commission under which they must operate on behalf of the Village ratepayers. They specify when the board meets, when the AGM is held, when and how elections are held and other governance matters. Much of what would go into bylaws of any other organization is already defined in the Municipal Government Act (1998). New or amended bylaws have to be approved by the NS Minister of Municipal Affairs.

#1 Composition of and procedures for regular and special meetings

#2 Annual meeting procedures

#3 Special meeting of electors

#4 Nomination Day





Policies are set by the Commission to define the operations of how the Village is to be administered, such as hiring and firing of employees, facility rentals, charitable giving policies, employee conduct and other operational matters.  New policies can be introduced by motion at a regular commission meeting.

Code of Conduct


Commissioner's Pledge

Declaration of Confidentiality

Conflict of Interest

Signing Officers

Representation within Community Groups

Funding Requests

Funding Application form



Bylaws and policies are being reviewed and expanded

Policy Name          Policy Number     Date adopted by Commission    
Expenditures 2018-01 March 12th, 2018
Signing Authority 2018-02 March 12th, 2018
 Procurement 2018-03  May 14th, 2018